Sheet & Web Fed Converting

While the converting of sheet goods is only limited by the creativity of the human mind the actual function, while vast, falls into one or more of a very limited number of functions basically distilled down to one…you are cutting something.

Now, you may cut it with a laser, a router, water jet or plasma and if not you are going to be using some form of a die. It could be machined steel with male & female counterparts that are flat or rotary in configuration, it could be a formed / thermal die, a punch / high die of some form or it is a steel rule / wood backed die that is either flat or rotary.

As to size, it does have limits but the range can be as small as 3/8” square and can go to more than 120” x 155” or even greater.

When you’re done cutting it you likely are going to want to bind it, glue it or otherwise affix it to itself or something else…regardless of what or how, we can help.

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