Rare Finds

Z ID #016204 Used 99 x 250" (sheet) Magellan HD Automatic Boxmaker equipped with infeed for up to AAA triple wall corrugated, 3/8" slots, die cutting, two color flexo print and Vision System

Z ID #016135 Refurbished CORfine web fed rotary die cutter equipped with infeed table, rotary die cutter, belted conveyor take off.

Z ID #015816 Rebuilt as new Bruno 150 ton toggle beltfeed press

Z ID #010121 Used ABAL V Groove machine (serviced by Cooper & Horton LTD) to cut "V" groove in wood

Z ID #016127 Used 86" web Custom Built driven unwind stand equipped with photo eye, hold down bearing blocks and 3" diameter Tidland air shaft.

Z ID #015652 Used CD to #7 x 32" Alpha Marathon V-Fold Poly/kraft bubble mailer equipped with unwind, lamination station, cross sealing & servo controls.

Z ID #016182 Used 12 x 12" Preco computerized die cutter with unwind, inbound pull roll, outbound pull roll, stripping / knock-out table, delivery table and final pull roll.

Used 75” x 86” Data Technology DT2200 Samplemaker System

Z ID #016162 Used 20 x 20" Atom model PT-1001 shuttle fed die cutter w/ 90 ton capacity…virtually no hours of use.

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