Red Tag

Z ID #015773 Used Ebcco abrasive removal system

Z ID #015549 Used 18" USM Clicker Die Cutter >>>>CLICK ON THE PICTURE FOR VIDEO<<<<

Z ID #015560 Used 20" USM clicker die cutter

Z ID #15713 Used 31" GBC 5031TS Roll Laminator & Feeder

Z ID #011393 Used 36" Schaeffer Perforator Inline Unit

Z ID #015983 Used 28 x 41" Imperia Gold By Rabolini autofed platen clamshell foiler / die cutter. [Never in Production]

Z ID #015996 Used 67" web J.H. Horne two drum slitter rewinder w/ idler w/ load cell tension control, tidland slitting system, dual bowed rolls, min. slit width 2", 18" dia. Drums, belt driven rider roll.

Z ID #016001 Used 70" Wohlenberg guillotine equipped with 70" back gauge, computerized controls and two front side take-off tables.

Used 87" Langston XD Corrugator equipped for B, C and BC wall corrugated.

Z ID #015905 Used 20"w x 25"d x 69" table Atom Model G888 traveling head die cutter w/driven cutting head.

Z ID #015874 Used 6" x 12" Preco web fed die cutter equipped w/ unwind stand, lead in table, infeed roller, out feed roller, delivery / knockout table final delivery out feed roller w/ SDM controller.

Z ID #015699 Used ~24 x 36" Contech 50 ton hydraulic die cutter equipped with manual shuttle feed table.

Z ID #015858 Used 63" x 25" bed Indusco 60 ton beam press w/ semi-automatic roll infeed.

Z ID #015242 Used 12" web Use Mark Andy model 1700 press.

Z ID #016059 Used 100"w x 80" table H.E.D. flatbed roller press.

Z ID #016054 Used 1-5/8 & 1-3/4" Core (2 Ply) Perini Model 210 spiral tube winder.

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